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Origo IDE™ 2.0 Beta Available Now!

Thursday 29 September

Today after months of hard work we are happy to announce the immediate availability of the next releas of our cross platform publishing tool, Origo IDE™ version 2.0 beta.

It now enables building Midlets for Nokia S40 platform, including the new touch&type devices.

Animation performance is absolutely amazing, being close to hardware maximum and very similar in appearance to what we see on S^3.

We have also streamlined the syntax of Origo language, making it more concise and consistent.


Origo IDE™ 1.0 Published Today!

Friday 27 May
After years of development and in-house use, we have today published our cross platform publishing tool, Origo IDE™ version 1.0.

App development projects can typically cost tens of thousands of euros - per platform. When developing an app with separate codebases for several platforms the project management and maintenance becomes both complex and expensive. Origo IDE™ changes all this radically simplifying mobile software development and publishing on multiple platforms at once.

It automates the building and packaging of apps for the following platforms:

- Windows Phone 7
- Maemo 5 (Nokia N900)
- Nokia Symbian S^3
- Symbian 5th Edition
- Symbian 3th Edition

Origo IDE™ is a general use integrated development environment excelling in majority of use cases like mobile games, utilities and media apps. It offers a concise set of classes abstracting device functionality and an instant development cycle for rapid application development.

We at Offscreen have used Origo IDE™ for years in generating over 150 top of the line Symbian, Maemo and Windows Phone 7 apps to be published in Nokia Ovi Store and Windows Phone Marketplace, reaching the record breaking 70 million downloads to date.

And finally, Origo IDE™ is absolutely free - no licence fees or royalties to pay.

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Thursday 10 February

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